Robert Bouwmeester has a very personal and practical approach to design, combining old school scetching in the conceptual phase with CAD modelling in further detailing and development. With a keen eye for esthetics, understanding the technology involved in development, protoyping and production, the approach to design applies to a wide field of play, from product design to retail and office space design.

  • Client breefing and de-breefing to define a clear starting point and goals
  • Conceptual phase, brainstorming & scetching
  • Concept development, translate scetch into a 3D CAD model
  • Prototyping & pre-production phase, in cooperation with manufacturer

What I've been up to

1996 Robert Bouwmeester starts his career as a designer at studio WAACs where projects range from product design to public space design.

2001 The Following years are at NIKE EHQ, designing & developing NIKE retail space. A key project is the complete re-design of the factory outlet stores across emea.

2006 Robert co-founds BOUWMEESTER van RENS industrial design. The studio creates many cool products ranging from electric guitars to garden furniture, as well as retail & public space designs.

2013 studioBOUWMEESTER is ON AIR.


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